"GALLINO, The Chicken System" (2012)

Gallino, the Chicken System
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A man named Alucinio drifts on the Antarctic desert amid a winter storm. He has been betrayed -in dreams- by the woman he loves. When he is about to freeze to death is rescued by a poulterer who will introduce him to the secrets of pornophilosophy. Meanwhile, in Boston, the crazy artist Gropius Cantor and his little sect are getting tear the structure of reality. The space begins to twist on itself with unpredictable consequences for the future of the characters and all mankind. A story full of lechery, sarcasm, extravagance, impossible geometries, discovery of existence's hidden sides and a pinch of Sex Magick.

Octavi Pujades and Manel Solàs in Carlos Atanes' movie "Gallino"

Written and directed by Carlos Atanes
Octavi Pujades, Manuel Solàs, Pablo Puyol, María Kaltembacher, Amaya Galeote, Anitta Rock, Itxaso Badell, Sasha Slugina, Joaquín Hinojosa, Víctor Conde, Mar del Hoyo, José Lifante, Antonio Albella, Gabriela Martínez-Gil, Rafael Fernández Ezcritor, Juan Portones, Aranzazu Díez, Bea Urzaiz, Eva García-Vacas, Marc Vico. Narrated by Marta Timón. Pornophilosopher voice by Roberta Pasquinucci. Gropius Cantor voice by Miguel Hermoso Arnao. Special Guest Stars Ariella Ferrera and Rhyanna Lee.
Music by
Marc Álvarez
Direction of photography
Ignacio Sánchez de Bustamente
and Jacobo Medrano
Produced by
Marta Timón
(FortKnox Audiovisual)
Line Producer
Maria Luisa Oliveira
82 min.


One of the 2013 Best Films
according to Film Bizarro

The first screening in Spain was in the Sala Berlanga
(October 12, 2012, Madrid)

ALSO officially selected at

Portland Underground Film Festival (USA, 2013)
Detroit Underground Film Festival (USA, 2013)
Enschede - The Overkill Festival (The Netherlands, 2012)
Breda - BUT Film Festival (The Netherlands, 2012)




"Gallino, The Chicken System is an entire universe of creativity (...) It’s more of an art experience than a simple film, and you will feel more than a little dirty after watching it."
(Mark Bell, Film Threat)
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"Carlos Atanes is a madman, but a very lovely madman with a great vision for hyper-philosophical surrealistic sci-fi/comedies, and he does not disappoint his fans with "Gallino, the Chicken System"."
(Ronny Carlsson, Film Bizarro)
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"Carlos Atanes does it again. With a film that has no boundaries and also at first glimpse seems to be totally insane, he somehow grabs the viewers attention. One of the reasons might be the sympathetic and capable actors and actresses, but then again it’s the everlasting surprisingness and no holds barred approach to filmmaking. In this case, it’s lovable. You might hate it, too."
(Esa Linna, Extraordinary Movie & Video Guide)
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Gallino looks at pornography obliquely, the way an alien might view it; it appears both ridiculous and strangely poetic, a landscape full of symbols and secrets. Atanes is well aware of how the average person (or average critic) will view Gallino‘s assault on the viewers narrative and sexual sensibilities."
(Greg Smalley, 366 Weird Movies)
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"This is a very strange, but at the same time very beautifully made film. The subject matter was so different from what you would think in the first instance, that this really was a film that kept sticking in your memory."
(Karin Broeksma, BUT Film Festival)

"Take a look at this movie and make up your own mind. Maybe it is not possible for you to give it all a place after the first screening, but that's not the goal here. This a movie that if you are open for it, it will haunt you for a long time. And in my opinion that is what makes
Gallino, The Chicken System a successful movie!"
(Frank Schonewille, Top of the Flops)
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"Atanes’ best and most bizarre film yet. If Gallino is your first Atanes film, it certainly won’t be your last."
(David Carter, Film Fanaddict)
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Carlos Atanes is an underground filmmaker and playwright. He has directed a lot of dystopian, weird and disturbing films known as atanic films. If you wish to enter his world, you can't miss the shortfilms anthology Codex Atanicus (1995-1999), the book Aleister Crowley in the Mouth of Hell and the feature-length movies FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions (2004), PROXIMA (2007), Maximum Shame (2010) and the newest one, Gallino, the Chicken System (2012), all of them available on DVD and Video On Demand. Go for a walk through this website and you'll enjoy other atanic works, texts and interviews.
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Aleister Crowley in the Mouth of Hell

Maximum Shame, apocalyptic fetish horrir musical chess sci-fi weird feature movie available on DVD and Video On Demand on Amazon. Gallino, the Chicken System, the first Pornophilosophical film in History, now available on DVD and Video On Demand on Amazon. A story full of lechery, sarcasm, extravagance, impossible geometries, discovery of existence's hidden sides and a pinch of Sex Magick.


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