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The fantasy Spanish cinema has revived after a long and painful exile, specifically the horror genre, of glorious past (those 70's of Jorge Grau, Claudio Guerín, Paul Naschy, Iván Zulueta, Jess Franco, Narciso Ibáñez Serrador, León Klimovsky, Amando de Ossorio, Carlos Aured and so many people).

But it has revived without scream queen. And any self-respecting horror cinematography needs a scream queen. Because of it in the spring of 2008 Carlos Atanes met Víctor Conde, Albert Pons and El Chico Morera and the four decided to give to the Spanish cinema the scream queen that so much it needed. They had it easy, because it was only necessary to help up an actress who already had demonstrated too to assemble all the necessary physical, aptitude, and path conditions: Arantxa Peña. From this council arose Pulque 51, a project composed by four shortfilms written and directed by the four filmmakers. Independently and inter-independently produced, only two slogans were decreed: a common protagonist (Arantxa Peña) and a common category (bizarre cinema, exploitation...), established without too explicit limits.

Here you can see Scream Queen, the film made by Carlos Atanes in the Amaya Theatre of Madrid, with his usual unclassifiable style, highly atanic (it will delight his followers, it will bore his detractors more than ever), with a stranger plot if such a thing is possible, brimming with autoreferences and conceived, both in the visual and in the sonorous, as an homage to that former horror cinema rich in imagination and eroticism mentioned at the beginning.

Among many peculiarities of fetish film Scream Queen it is necessary to emphasize the co-main character: the writer and film journalist Jose Manuel Serrano Cueto, author of the encyclopedia Horrormanía, who appears playing himself (or rather an alter ego, or maybe more than one alter ego) transporting with his own book in this expedition that is going to lead him up to the very jaws of the horror queen.

Cast and Crew

Scream Queen coverCast: Arantxa Peña, José Manuel Serrano Cueto, Manel Solàs, Antonio Albella and Jean Pierre Kameni.
Music by Marc Álvarez.
Direction of photography by Carlos Atanes.
Produced by Kalashnifilms + Atanes / Dogma Final.
Written, edited and directed by Carlos Atanes.

Shortfilm - 16 min.
Fetish / Horror

Official Selection Backseat Film Festival
(Philadelphia, USA) - 2009

Scream Queen Arantxa Peña

Scream Queen Arantxa Peña

Scream Queen Arantxa Peña

"[Arantxa Peña] is a high priestess straight from the bowels of Hell, a taunting, vicious harpie who growls sweet nothings into the journalist’s ear while revealing the film’s final terror. Scream Queen has nothing one would expect from a traditional genre film and is a horror movie only in an abstract sense: Simple, puzzling and totally demented."
(Mike Everleth, Bad Lit)

"Flooded everything by that splendid Arantxa Peña's feverish erotic magnetism, who is endorsed by a hallucinogenic characters' compact gallery, it shape a fascinating show, which does that from our hearts' depth we the movie fans shout, with desire of strong emotions... We want more!!!"

(Carlos Alberto Alonso, filmmaker)


Carlos Atanes is an underground filmmaker and playwright. He has directed a lot of dystopian, weird and disturbing films known as atanic films. If you wish to enter his world, you can't miss the shortfilms anthology Codex Atanicus (1995-1999), the book Aleister Crowley in the Mouth of Hell and the feature-length movies FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions (2004), PROXIMA (2007), Maximum Shame (2010) and the newest one, Gallino, the Chicken System (2012), all of them available on DVD and Video On Demand. Go for a walk through this website and you'll enjoy other atanic works, texts and interviews.
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Aleister Crowley in the Mouth of Hell

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