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(Videoinstallation, 2000)

La Capella, Barcelona (2000)

1 camera, 3 monitors, 4 VHS players, 1 video mixer, 1 chair

Author: Carlos Atanes

Production: CIAJ, Institut de Cultura de Barcelona



The central screen shows a live image with a delay of just a few milliseconds. The left screen shows the image recorded 86,400 seconds (24 hours) before the central one. The right screen shows the future average resulting from the combination of the first two screens. The Average Future Oracle machine will eventually provide an object of study: an 8-hour-long video which encapsulates the entire duration of exhibition days (one month aprox.).


The Average Future Oracle is an device designed to deduce the immediate future based on the cumulative increase of images from past days mixed with the casual interaction created both randomly and voluntarily by the spectator and the non-spectator.

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