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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

(Film, 82 min., 2004)

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Best Feature Film Award

International Panorama of Independent Filmmakers (Athens, 2005)

Nominated to Award for Best European Motion Picture
from the Fantasy Genre (Méliès d'Argent)
at Fantasporto International Fantasy Film Festival (Porto, 2006)

ALSO officially selected at

Toronto - Fantasy Worldwide International Film Festival (Canada, 2005)
Atlanta - Atlanta Underground Film Festival (USA, 2005)
Seattle - Cascadia Con American SF Convention (USA, 2005)
Cork - Cork Film Festival (Ireland, 2005)
London - International Festival of Sci-Fi and Fantastic Film (UK, 2006)
Detroit - Planet And Video & Film Festival (USA, 2005)
Miskolc - International Festival of Young Filmmakers (Hungary, 2005)
Tel Aviv - Icon International Movie Festival (Israel, 2005)
Morelia - Muestra Independiente de Cine y Video (Mexico, 2005)
Lyon - Festival Cinéma Nouvelle Génération (France, 2005)
Buenos Aires - BARS Festival de Cine Fantástico (Argentina, 2004)
Barcelona - DIBA Digital Film Festival (Spain, 2005)
Conversano - Imaginaria Film Festival (Italy, 2006)
Tarragona - Festival REC (Spain, 2006)
Lisboa - Fantasporto em Lisboa (Portugal, 2006)

Written and directed by Carlos Atanes.

Cast: Xavier Tort, Anne-Céline Auché, Manuel Solàs, Neus Bernaus, Raúl Mena, Anna Diogène, Neus Suñé, Marta Timón, Paloma Povedano.

Music by Xavier Tort.


France, sometime in the near future. A dystopian matriarchy, The Sisterhood of Metacontrol, governs Europe. Angeline, an exemplary and irreproachable citizen has just joined the Order but her relationship with a special man, Nono, will make her question profoundly the principles of the Doctrine.


The cult dystopian movie about a totalitarian matriarchy. Best Feature Film Award at International Panorama of Independent Filmmakers (Athens, 2005). Nominated to Award for Best European Motion Picture from the Fantasy Genre (Méliès d'Argent) at 2006 Fantasporto International Fantasy Film Festival.


"Everyone should see this film.Witness the birth of a future name in the cinema of the unusual" (The Zone SF). "FAQ is not for everyone, but there can be no doubt that it represents a unique voice and viewpoint in a sea of blahfilm" (366 Weird Movies). "FAQ is an unpredictable and intelligent treat, comparable with classic arty dystopias like Godard's Alphavilleand Gilliam's Brazil" (The Mystical Movie Guide).




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