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(Film, 82 min., 2012)


One of the 2013 Best Films

according to

ALSO officially selected at:

Portland Underground Film Festival (2013)

Detroit Underground Film Festival (2013)

The Overkill Festival (Enschede, 2012)

BUT Film Festival (Breda, 2012)

Written and directed by Carlos Atanes.

Cast: Octavi Pujades, Manuel Solàs, María Kaltembacher, Pablo Puyol, Joaquín Hinojosa, Anitta Rock, Itxaso Badell, José Lifante, Sasha Slugina, Rhyanna Lee, Ariella Ferrera.

Music by Marc Álvarez.


A man named Alucinio drifts on the Antarctic desert amid a winter storm. He has been betrayed -in dreams- by the woman he loves. When he is about to freeze to death is rescued by a poulterer who will introduce him to the secrets of pornophilosophy. Meanwhile, in Boston, the crazy artist Gropius Cantor and his little sect are getting tear the structure of reality. The space begins to twist on itself with unpredictable consequences for the future of the characters and all mankind.


A story full of lechery, sarcasm, extravagance, impossible geometries, discovery of existence's hidden sides and a pinch of Magick. A new weird and crazy movie from underground cult director Carlos Atanes! Officially selected at Portland Underground Film Festival, Detroit Underground Film Festival, Enschede Overkill Festival and BUT Film Festival. One of the 2013 Best Films according to Film Bizarro


"An assault on the viewers narrative and sexual sensibilities" (366 Weird Movies). "One of the best films of the year" (Film Bizarro). "Atanes’ best and most bizarre film yet. If Gallino is your first Atanes film, it certainly won’t be your last." (Film Fanaddict). "Gallino, The Chicken System is an entire universe of creativity. It’s more of an art experience than a simple film, and you will feel more than a little dirty after watching it" (Film Threat).



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