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Filmmaker, essayist and playwright with a long career behind him, member of The Film-Makers' Cooperative, he was born in Barcelona in 1971 and lives in Madrid since the beginning of this millennium. His film, theatrical and literary work forms a cocktail of dream worlds, black comedy, philosophical provocations, parallel dimensions, dystopias, narrative transgressions and cultural influences: underground cinema, Viennese Actionism, comics, Arte Povera, esotericism, science fiction, New German Cinema...


He has always conceived his work in different media, both narrative and non-fiction, as a tool to explore the interstices and fissures in the walls of consensual reality. The recognition by some international film festivals, the bold attempt to shoot two films inspired on the occultist Aleister Crowley, to have dedicated a play to the four-dimensional visionary Charles Howard Hinton, to have placed the action of one of his feature films on the planet Proxima Centauri b ten years before astronomers revealed its existence or to have published the first essay in Spanish on Chaos Magic are some of his most umplausible achievements.

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