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«There is a reason why Carlos Atanes is one of the premier underground filmmakers. He makes utterly insane, funny and thought-out pieces of works that will never fully leave your mind.» (Ronny Carlsson, Film Bizarro)

Atanes's filmography as director and screenwriter is an odd mix of fantasy, dreamlike and weirdness. The audience's reception has been always polarised, but it has also achieved European and American film festivals recognition (Great Prize from the Athens Panorama of Independent Filmmakers and nominations from European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation, the Tel-Aviv's Icon, the BUT Film Festival in The Netherlands, and so on) and acclaim from American underground film reviewers.

«Atanes has built up quite the cult following in underground circles since first appearing on the scene in 1991 with his short film The Marvellous World of the Cucu Bird. He then went on to make twelve more shorts including a documentary. The filmmaker made his first released feature with 2004’s FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions that went on to win the Best Feature Film Award at the Athens Panorama of Independent Filmmakers the following year. His body of work also includes unreleased productions. Carlos Atanes remains a fiercely independent filmmaker working outside of the Spanish film industry from where he receives no support shooting his work on video on self-financed miniscule budgets that have forced him to shoot up to just like four weeks of footage over the course of months or even an entire year. (...) The filmmaker’s style is considered original provocative surrealism that often features the themes of alternative realities, exile, oppression and power. A term to label his work was even coined - "Atanic".» (Dave J. Wilson, Cinematic Shocks)


His most outstanding films are the short films The Marvellous World of the Cúcù Bird (1991), Welcome to Spain (1999), Scream Queen (2008) and Romance Bizarro (2017); the medium-length films The metamorphosis of Franz Kafka (1993) and Perdurabo (Where is Aleister Crowley?) (2003); and the feature films FAQ (2004), Proxima (2007), Maximum Shame (2010) and Gallino, the Chicken System (2012).

«Original, bizarre, provocative, Atanes' principal influences are Buñuel, Arrabal, and Jean Cocteau as well as GreenawayLynchCronenberg, Ionesco, Stanislaw Lem, Philip K. Dick, and Boris Vian, among others.»

Rob Smart, Bright Lights Film Journal

«Behind Atanes' stories hides a subworld of beauty and anti-poetry that deserves the attention of fans of the weird.»

Luca di Manteca, Almas Oscuras

«High risk film, underground film, film under the surface... The work of Carlos Atanes is anything but complacent thing, and maybe that's what makes his films are necessary.»

Hilario J. Rodríguez, Cine XXI

«Atanes' films are disturbing and provocative piece of art.»

Esa Linna, EMVG

«One of the few directors who can mix the surreal and real together and have neither seem out of place.»

David Carter, Film Fanaddict

«Carlos Atanes makes completely strange scenarios very interesting with his powerful visuals.»

Verislav Kucan, Evil Dread

«[One] of those authentic, different filmmakers, dedicated to creating their own expressive tools.»

Alejandro Yamgotchian, Arte 7

«Where he gets his ideas from? I don’t know. I really don’t know. But what he creates is fantastic.»

Frank Schonewille, BUT Film Festival

«Saying that Carlos Atanes is an odd filmmaker is a slight euphemism.»

Jérôme Spenlehauer, Cinetrange

«Film can also be something else, and it can offer us different emotions and pleasures, pure, dark and unadulterated. Because when the alternative cinema ceases to be synonymous with freedom, it will not make sense to continue existing, but even then, we will always have Atanes as a warm shelter to turn to.»

Pablo Vázquez, La Paz Mundial

«Carlos Atanes broadens your mind.»

The Angry Princess, This Is Some Scene

«Atanes, already Spain’s underground master.»

Mike Everleth, Underground Fillm Journal


Gallino, the Chicken SystemOne of the 2013 Best Films according to Film Bizarro

Winner 2012 Biggest Mindfuck Award ( for Maximum Shame

Nominated for Weirdest Picture of 2011 (Weirdcademy Awards) for Maximum Shame

Nominated for Best Feature Film at BUT Film Festival (Breda, The Netherlands, 2010) for Maximum Shame

Maximum Shame: One of the 2010 Five Movies of the Year according to Underground Film Journal

Maximum Shame: One of the 2010 Eleven More Memorable Independent Films according to Pulpmovies

Nominated for Icon Award to the Best Feature Film at Icon International Fantasy Film Festival (Tel Aviv, 2007) for PROXIMA

Nominated for Ignotus Award to the 2007 Best Spanish Film (Spanish Science Fiction Association, AEFCFT) for PROXIMA

Winner Award to Culture and Arts 2007 (University of Huelva's 3 de Marzo Association) for PROXIMA

Nominated to Award for Best European Motion Picture from the Fantasy Genre (Méliès d'Argent) at Fantasporto International Fantasy Film Festival (Porto, 2006) for FAQ: Frequenlty Asked Questions

Winner Best Feature Film Award, International Panorama of Independent Filmmakers (Athens, 2005) for FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions


Official selections around the world:

Cinema Jove de València

Marató de l'Espectacle de Barcelona

Festival de Cine Independiente de Elche

FIN-RAV de Vitoria

Mostra de Cinema Alternatiu de Barcelona

Mostra de la Filmoteca de Barcelona

Festival de Video de Lorca

Festival Internacional de Cinema de Sitges

Tübingen Film Festival

Festival Internacional de Cinema i Video de Girona

Szigetvar and Sellye Retina International Video Meeting

Budapest Mücsarnok

Muestra "Batofar", Paris

International Bad Liebensteiner Filmtage

Split International Film & Video Festival

Ebensee Festival der Nationen

Mostra de l'Hospital de la Santa Creu de Barcelona

Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona

Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre

Istambul Bilgi Sinema

Zemos98.6 de Sevilla

XXII Hispacon en Cádiz y Sevilla

Centro Conde Duque de Madrid

FNAC El Triangle de Barcelona

Algeciras Fantastika

Casa Colón de Huelva

Festival Catacumba en Quart de Poblet y Godella

Detroit Planet Ant Video & Film Festival

DIBA Barcelona Digital Film Festival

Lyon Festival Cinéma Nouvelle Génération

Glasgow World Sci-Fi Convention & Eurocon

Atlanta Underground Film Festival

Seattle Cascadia Con North American SF Convention

Nyiregyhaza Vidor Festival

Zoom Igualada

Miskolc International Festival of Young Filmmakers

Cork Film Festival

Festival de Cine de Bogotá

Toronto Fantasy Worldwide International Film Festival

Muestra Independiente de Cine y Video de Morelia

Certamen Nacional de Cinema de Terrassa

Porto International Film Festival Fantasporto

Fantasporto em Lisboa

London International Sci-Fi fantastic Film Festival

REC Festival de Cinema de Tarragona

Conversano Imaginaria Film Festival

Montevideo Fantástico

Copenhagen Eurocon Europe Sci Fi Con

Basel Clair Obscur Filmfestival

IV Muestra del Audiovisual Andaluz en Sevilla

Philadelphia Backseat Film Festival

Breda BUT Underground Film Festival

Paris Optica Festival

Minneapolis Underground Film Festival

New York Zero Film Festival

Kiel Fetisch Film Festival

Archivo y Biblioteca Nacionales / Optica Festival, Sucre

Sala Berlanga in Madrid

The Overkill Festival at Enschede

The Hollywood Theatre at Portland

Detroit Underground Film Festival

Portland Underground Film Festival

Bogotá Short Film Festival / BOGOSHORTS

Filmarchiv Austria / Metro-Kinokulturhaus

STUFF MX Film Festival

Florida Hispanic Culture Film Festival

New Year / New York 2020 - The Filmmakers' Coop

...among others.

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