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MAXIMUM SHAME ("Vergüenza máxima")

(Film, 81 min., 2010)


Nominated for Weirdest Movie of 2011
in 366 Weird Movies annual "Weirdcademy Awards".

Nominated for Best Feature Film
BUT Film Festival, Breda, NL, 2010

One of the 2010 Five Movies of the Year
according to Underground Film Journal

One of the 2010 Eleven More Memorable Independent Films
according to Pulpmovies

ALSO officially selected at

STUFF Film Festival, Ciudad de México (México, 2017)

Fantasporto International Film Festival (Porto, Portugal, 2011)
International Festival of Sci-Fi and Fantastic Film (London, UK, 2011)
Fetisch Film Festival (Kiel, Germany, 2011)
Zero Film Festival (New York, USA, 2010)
Minneapolis - Underground Film Festival (USA, 2010)
Paris - Optica Festival (France, 2010)
Morelia - Muestra Internacional de Cine Independiente (Mexico, 2010)

Written and directed by Carlos Atanes.

Cast: Ana Mayo, Marina Gatell, Ignasi Vidal, Ariadna Ferrer, Paco Moreno, David Castro, Eleanor James.

Music by Marc Álvarez.


An apocalyptic fetish horror musical chess sci-fi weird underground feature movie written and directed by cult filmmaker Carlos Atanes. One of the 2010 Five Movies of the Year according to Bad Lit: The Journal of Underground Film. Nominated for Weirdest Movie of 2011in 366 Weird Movies annual "Weirdcademy Awards". Nominated for Best Feature Film (BUT Film Festival, Breda, NL, 2010).


"Brutal, disturbing, confusing, challenging and severly unique" (Film Threat). "Defying all description is Carlos Atanes’ MAXIMUM SHAME. The film is packed with ideas and obsessions and peopled with an outlandish cast in an absurdist environment. The result is incredibly engaging on both a visceral and an intellectual level. MAXIMUM SHAME is a narrative puzzle which, like chess, sets up a series of rules that are superficially simple but which allow for endlessly complex positions to be developed and explored. This is a film that does expect you to pay attention and one that will challenge you to consider many of your preconceived notions. It is also a richly rewarding experience" (Pulp Movies). 



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