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Perdurabo (Where is Aleister Crowley?)

(Film, 44 min., 2003)

Perdurabo cover.jpg

Written and directed by Carlos Atanes.


Cast: Toni Arteaga, Neus Bernaus, Alejandra Soler, Raúl Mena, Marta Timón, Colombia, Florence Coulais, Jordi Vilavendrell, Agustín Gálvez, Pee-Wee.


Music by Xavier Tort.



In time of Mussolini, a mysterious man travels to Sicily looking for famous British magician Aleister Crowley. But when he arrives, he discovers that Crowley has vanished, and into the Abbey of Thelema (the Abbey where people does his True Will) the confusion and the despair reigns. During his stay, he'll knows the Sexual Magick principles and the thelemic way of life.



"Perdurabo" has remained twelve years hidden due to Carlos Atanes' own decision. Some time after doing it, Atanes launched a new film project inspired on the magician, "Aleister Crowley in the Mouth of Hell" . That film was never shot but the script was published in paperback in 2013. However, over time , it has never ceased requests for viewers interested in watching the production from 2003. Now, finally , Atanes has decided to make it available to the audience.



"Perdurabo exercises some creative decision-making throughout –not least by electing to film a story about Crowley without him in it, a gutsy decision which pays dividends. It’s also able to achieve an impressive amount of atmosphere, and the filmmaker’s knowledge of the key events and players is impressive. Parts of the dialogue are verbatim Thelemic ritual, and to hear them actually being spoken in the Cefalu farmhouse is actually very eerie; I’ll say it again, I don’t know how they managed to film there without at least some opposition from the Italian authorities, but let’s just say that Crowley’s grotesque painted frescos pay no respect to the fourth wall, and the overall effect is unsettling." (Keri O’Shea, Brutal as Hell).

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